Underage Drinking

It’s summer! That means pool parties, graduations, barbecues, and festivals. How can you or your child be affected by underage drinking?

Protect Yourself with a Prenuptial Agreement

Let’s face it, no one likes the thought of a prenuptial agreement when they are planning a wedding. The most common argument against them is that contracting for the possibility of divorce creates negativity around what should be one of the happiest times in a person’s life.

Planning Ahead When Divorce Seems Inevitable

If you’ve reached the point of knowing there’s no hope of mending a broken marriage, then now is the time to begin planning for a divorce, and for a life separate from your spouse. Read on for several tips on what to do before filing for divorce to make the process run more smoothly. Check […]

Study Finds that Majority of Families Avoid Discussing End-of-Life Financial Subjects

No one relishes discussing what will happen when they or their parents become too feeble to manage money. If you’re entering old age, or are an adult child of elderly parents, time is of the essence to discuss these matters. The longer you put off having these discussions with your family, the greater the risk […]

Kentucky Supreme Court Issues Opinion on Grandparents’ Rights

In an opinion addressing the visitation rights of grandparents, the Supreme Court of Kentucky denied a grandmother’s request for visitation with her grandson who was under the care of his aunt and uncle. In its opinion, the court emphasized the importance of parental autonomy, and of ordering visitation only where a grandchild and grandparent had […]

Prevent Divorce from Leaving a Negative Impact on Your Credit

Not only can divorce leave you in rough shape emotionally, it can also exact a substantial toll on your financial health. Many of those recently divorced find that their credit score took a major hit during and after their divorce. Unfortunately, this tends to come at a time when someone building a new life needs […]


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