Sentencing Attorneys Florence KY

What Is Sentencing?

Sentencing is one of the most important parts of the criminal process. Sentencing comes after a guilty plea has been entered. The judge determines at this point whether to follow the plea agreement that you may have made with the prosecutor. Depending on the county and judge before which you find yourself, there may be no certainty that the judge will follow the agreement. You need an attorney with the knowledge of the local court system to obtain a better idea of whether it is likely that your plea agreement will be followed.


If you have not reached an agreement with the prosecutor, you could be entering a plea without knowledge of the possible results. You need an attorney to make the best possible argument before the court to make sure the judge has considered all possible sentencing options, including probation and other alternative sentencing.

At Hoffman Walker & Knauf, we are Northern Kentucky Criminal Attorneys with experience in all counties in Northern Kentucky. Call us at any stage of the criminal process to obtain the legal advice necessary to navigate sentencing. Do not underestimate the matter because you believe the guilty phase has ended the matter.