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What Role Might Social Media Play in my Family Court Case?

By Greta Hoffman |

Florence family law attorneys at Greta Hoffman & Associates talk about the role Facebook & social media can play in a Kentucky divorce or child custody dispute.

Giving Away Income Doesn’t Discount it from Child Support Calculation

By Greta Hoffman |

Florence family law attorney Greta Hoffman discusses case where court ruled on determination of income for purpose of calculating child support in Kentucky.

Ways to Expunge or Avoid a Criminal Record in Kentucky

By Greta Hoffman |

We’ve all made bad decisions. Perhaps you got in with a bad crowd after graduating high school, or had a lapse in judgment and drove under the influence. You might be a responsible citizen now, but having a criminal record can hold you back from completely moving on from your past and obtaining gainful… Read More »

U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Kentucky State Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

By Greta Hoffman |

When the Supreme Court ruled in June that same-sex marriage was a fundamental right and therefore legal in all 50 states in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, the court was also effectively ruling on Bourke v. Beshear, a case challenging Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban that had been joined with the Obergefell case before… Read More »

Personal Expenses Paid by Spouse’s Family Business Aren’t Exempt from a Family Court Income Calculation

By Greta Hoffman |

In a possible attempt to hide income from the court, one father has been found to make nearly $10,000 a month, when he may have claimed to only make $2,000. At the time of the divorce decree in August of 2010, Stacey and Derrick Whitt agreed to Derrick making a payment of $810 each… Read More »

Be on the Lookout for Elder Financial Abuse

By Greta Hoffman |

With the entry of the baby boom generation into retirement age and an increasingly large population of seniors in the US, elder abuse has become more and more common. As you age, you may find yourself less able to keep up with your financial assets and accounts. Perhaps you have enlisted help from a… Read More »

Seven Things to Consider When Adopting a Child in Kentucky

By Greta Hoffman |

Adoption is a wonderful way to grow your family. However, adoption involves many important legal, financial, and emotional considerations that you should plan for when beginning the adoption process. Below are seven important considerations to make if you’re planning to adopt in the State of Kentucky. 1. The adoption process can take some time…. Read More »

prenuptial agreement

Should You Consider Getting A Prenuptial Agreement?

By Greta Hoffman |

Although occasionally viewed suspiciously as a bad omen for marriages, the humble and once-rare prenuptial agreement has come into vogue as more and more couples seek to protect themselves from the uncertainty of divorce. Prenuptial agreements among couples planning to get married are on the rise, according to a study by the American Academy… Read More »

What Is A QDRO And Why Do I Need One?

By Greta Hoffman |

A QDRO (pronounced QUAD-ro) is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and whether you need one or not depends upon the type of property to be divided in your divorce. As you may know, the court in a Kentucky divorce has the authority to divide the marital property between the parties in any manner which… Read More »

Felony Expungement in Northern Kentucky or Ohio

By Greta Hoffman |

In Kentucky, unless you have friends at the governor’s office, you will most likely be unable to expunge, or remove, a felony conviction from your record. There are basically two limited ways to obtain a felony expungement in KY. First, a motion can be filed with the trial court requesting felony expungement. For example,… Read More »

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