Apr 27, 2021

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On March 19, 2021, Governor Beshear signed House Bill 404 into law, significantly overhauling the child support statutes originally enacted in 1990.  The new laws are not effective until March 1, 2022. Below are the highlights: 1) Increases in the child support schedule: 2)  The amount of extraordinary medical expenses to be paid by the […]

Apr 20, 2021

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April is child abuse prevention month, and you are an important part of the prevention plan.  Did you know that you have a legal duty to report child dependency, neglect, or abuse?  Kentucky law requires any person that knows or has reason to believe that a child has been dependent, neglected, or abused, to report […]

Apr 16, 2021

Family Law | Firm News

Is Your Ex Not Following the Court Order?

A Court order is only enforceable if it is recorded into the Court record. Typically, the order is written, either as an agreement, order, or in the Judge’s notes from a hearing. It may also be recorded on a video.  All these forms of an order can be enforceable.   Statements made during settlement negotiations are […]

How can I help my parents make a will?

As your parent gets older, you want to be sure that you were doing what is best for them by helping them protect their best interests. You can help your parent by talking to them about creating an estate plan. Creating a will is not always an easy subject to discuss, which may be why more […]

Jan 2, 2021


How to Avoid Divorce

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. In the hope of helping someone have a long and happy marriage, I’ve created a list of common problems that lead to divorce. Communication:  My husband will tell you that marriages survive because the Husband learns that the Wife is always right.  While this is true in my house, […]

Why Shouldn’t I Draft My Own Will?

In this age of “do-it-yourself”, I have seen an increase in the number of DIY Wills that I have filed with the Court for probate. Given the state of our economy, I understand why people are trying to save money by writing their Will on their own. The problem is that preparing a Will is […]

When should you update your will?

Most Americans put off writing a will. You might have too, until finally you created one 20 years ago, when your children were young. You wanted to ensure your assets would go to them if something unforeseen happened. But now they are grown up and living on their own. You are nearing retirement and wonder […]

Nov 23, 2020

Criminal Defense

Should I talk to Law Enforcement?

One of the most common questions encountered by Criminal Law Attorneys is, “Should I talk to law enforcement?”  The question arises in multiple fact scenarios from being pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence to being contacted regarding witnessing an event.  The most common answer to this question in many situations is simply, […]

Nov 20, 2020

Family Law

Shacking Up

Americans are marrying later in life and less often, and the number of divorces is on the decline according to Statista.Com.  This trend is very noticeable in my practice.  I regularly meet men and women with problems resulting from living with their romantic partner without getting married.  This can create legal nightmares. Owning property.  If […]

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