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The best results take tenacity, perseverance, dedication. That’s what we bring to every case.


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We Walk the Walk, Not Just Talk the Talk

We know you do not take your legal situation lightly and neither do we. When people are looking for a lawyer, they want someone trustworthy. We are sincere when we say our clients are our top priority, but you cannot build trust with only words. Our results and reputation speak for our proficiency in our areas of legal practice.

The attorneys of Hoffman Walker & Knauf are highly respected in Northern Kentucky for a history of positive outcomes and awards for our services. Some of our lawyers are also certified mediators who can help you settle an issue outside of the costs and stress of the courtroom. Our entire practice revolves around a firm dedication to every affected aspect of our clients’ lives.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Joseph Routon
Joseph Routon
October 27, 2023
Greta is wonderful to work with. Heavy hitter , tells it like it is, dedicated to her clients and previous clients and easy to get a hold of when you need her.
Barb Tanner
Barb Tanner
December 3, 2022
After our Mother passed away, Greta was amazing. She took care of all the legal details, was very compassionate, personable, thorough, and very responsive to any issues with the estate. I will definitely call her again if I need legal advice in the future.
Donna Spellman
Donna Spellman
March 21, 2022
Greta treated us like family when settling our parent's estate. She was sympathetic to our loss and knew how to best take care of estate business. I would highly recommend her services.
C W Haubner
C W Haubner
January 11, 2022
I was apprehensive working with an attorney based on past experience, but changed my mind quickly in working with Greta. She was responsive, decisive, included me in every decision and provided the right amount of guidance. I wouldn't hesitate to call her again.
Tiffany Brenneman
Tiffany Brenneman
February 14, 2021
My family worked with Greta Walker during a very difficult time and she was the perfect fit for our needs! Greta was direct, responsive, and made us feel like a priority. Our legal matters were not straight forward and required a lot more action than any of us expected when we started the process. Greta wasn't fazed and her confidence and ability to advocate on our behalf was such a relief and blessing for our family.
Jason Redwine
Jason Redwine
August 1, 2020
Greta came highly recommended from an acquaintance and I can see why. After dragging of feet by my previous attorney, Greta, and her team, grabbed this bull by the horns and finished my divorce with meticulous detail and thought. Greta is EXACTLY who you want on YOUR side of the table and EXACTLY who you do NOT want to be sitting across from. 10/10. Highly recommend.
Bruce Parrett
Bruce Parrett
February 12, 2020
I was extremely happy with the representation I received from Greta in my revisitation of my shared parenting agreement. Greta was able to get my 50/50 shared parenting rearranged to suit my new work schedule, get my child support lowered, and most importantly pull in the reigns on my combative ex-wife. She now has limitations and guidelines set by the court which vastly improve the time and relationships my family has in our time together. I Highly recommend Greta for Any family court issues.
February 9, 2017
Amazing! Very professional does a great job working with her clients to help make a painful process bearable. Greta took the time to work with to help me lower my legal fees where most other attorneys would look to maximize their opportunities to cash. Her entire staff is friendly and very responsive to requests and questions to help her clients understand the process and what to expect. I would and have recommended her to many friends and family members.
Greta Hoffman Walker

A Versatile Team That is Serious About What They Do

If you want customized service, you need attorneys who are versatile. Maybe you can save a lot of trouble by mediating a divorce. We can do that. In case fighting aggressively in court is the only way to drop your criminal charges, we can do that.

Our whole team is experienced in finding creative and effective solutions. We will meet with you, discuss the best course of action and execute it. You never have to second guess what your case will look like or what you can expect from our firm.

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