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Northern Kentucky Grandparents Rights

Florence Kentucky, Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers

“Grandparents rights” involve any case between the grandparent(s) and the parent(s) involved in a dispute regarding the parents’ children. The attorneys at Greta Hoffman & Associates are able to advocate for or defend against grandparents rights which are limited by the laws of Kentucky.

What are grandparents rights in KY?

Kentucky recognizes the Grandparents rights to assert a claim for custody of a grandchild in certain circumstances, and for visitation of a grandchild in more limited circumstances. Grandparents may receive visitation if they can prove that the parents are vindictively preventing them from seeing their grandchildren, or may receive custody if they can prove that a child’s well-being is threatened by neglect, abuse, and/or substance addiction. The Grandparents themselves must also be free from negative influence upon the children in order to succeed in bringing such an action.

Can I get visitation to see my grandchild?

In Kentucky, visitation may be granted to grandparents if the court determines that it is in the child’s best interest, but it is not easy to achieve, and the outcome is not always to the satisfaction of the grandparents, depending on what sort of visitation they had prior to the commencement of the case. There are many factors to consider when determining the best interest standard. The lawyers of Greta Hoffman & Associates will assist in educating you on those factors and establishing a plan of action to prove or defend your case; however, in the event the facts will not support your case, our lawyers will be honest enough to assess our opinion of your chance in Court and provide alternative options.

Can I get custody of my grandchild?

Many Grandparents are faced with the difficult task of becoming parents a second time when they take on the role of parenting their grandchildren after they have been abandoned or neglected by their parents. In some circumstances, Grandparents may be able to obtain the same rights as a parent; yet, in other cases, the Court may consider custodial factors similar as in divorce before awarding custody to a Grandparent.

If you are seeking Kentucky grandparents’ rights, or you want to defend against the right of an intervening grandparent, please contact Greta Hoffman & Associates for a consultation. We serve clients in Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, and Kenton counties of Kentucky.

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