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Resolving Divorce Issues

Divorce is always a difficult process. Often, emotions are intense and the issues are bitterly contested. If children are involved, your divorce may become even more complicated. It takes a great deal of skill to negotiate a settlement that represents the best interests of everyone involved so that you and your children can begin moving on with your lives.

There are many diverse issues that need to be resolved during a divorce. It is not only the dissolution of a marriage; it is also the break-up of a financial partnership. A divorce agreement must address the following issues:

Division of marital assets, property, and debts

Consideration of any prenuptial agreement

Business interests

Spousal support

Tax Issues

A divorce proceeding is always unique to the situation of the parties involved. In some cases, there are special considerations and different options that must be taken into account when going through a divorce or separation, such as:

High Net Worth Divorce

Legal Separation

Prenuptial agreements

Long Term Medical Issues

We at Hoffman Walker & Knauf are fully aware of the emotional, mental, physical and financial impact divorce has on an entire family, and have the skills necessary to assist you in this process, whether resolved by agreement or litigated before the court.

Children’s Issues In Divorce

If you have children, dealing with custody and financial arrangements for your children will be the most important aspect of your divorce. Among other issues, your divorce agreement will need to address :

Child Custody

Parenting Time / Time-sharing

Child support

Medical insurance

Educational expenses

Religious school and training (if necessary)

Extracurricular activities


Reimbursement of Expenses

The lawyers at Hoffman Walker & Knauf are trained to address all important issues regarding your children. The last thing either party needs is a flimsy or vague agreement or order that fails to anticipate issues arising after the divorce. Our attorneys are well-experienced in the battles that arise between parties after their divorce so we will do our best to obtain orders or agreements that help you avoid those pitfalls.


Excellence In NKY Divorce Law

Divorce is a complicated subject, and it requires an attorney with a diverse skill set to successfully manage all aspects of your case. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in all of the areas covered in a divorce in order to ensure that you receive a satisfactory divorce agreement.

Hoffman Walker & Knauf is an experienced firm with Florence/NKY divorce lawyers who have been helping clients secure favorable divorce settlements since Greta Hoffman Walker began practicing law after graduating from Chase College of Law in 1996.

We at Hoffman Walker & Knauf help our clients determine whether they are making emotionally charged choices, or financially sound decisions. We help our clients make the best decision possible for their case so that we can more effectively help our clients achieve an outcome that reflects the client’s goals.

While we at Hoffman Walker & Knauf strive to settle every divorce in order to avoid the financial cost and emotional stress of litigation, we understand that this is not always possible. Our attorneys have the skills, the background, and the ability to go to trial in order to aggressively fight for your rights and bring you the best possible divorce settlement.

In addition to divorce services, Hoffman Walker & Knauf also offers mediation and collaborative law services for clients who are interested in resolving their divorce more amicably.

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