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When a crisis occurs in your family, you need an attorney that will listen to the facts of the case, understand what you want to achieve, and help determine a plan of action to get you results. The NKY family lawyer services at Hoffman Walker & Smith have the life experience you need to advise you strategically, support you through the emotional turmoil, and guide you toward a resolution, whether it be by agreement or through Court hearing. Our lawyers offer experienced and exceptional service.

Our lawyers have the tenacity to handle any family law case in Northern Kentucky or Southeast Ohio. After ensuring the client has been carefully advised of potential outcomes, our family lawyers will honor the client’s wishes in managing the case, and jointly decide with our client whether to accept an agreement or go to Court. The final decision always belongs to the client.

We offer the following Family Law Services in Boone County, Campbell County, Gallatin County, Grant County, Kenton County of Northern Kentucky; Clermont County and Hamilton County in Southeast Ohio:


As your family’s Northern Kentucky Adoption Attorney, we can assist you with all of your family law needs, including the adoption of a much wanted child.

Mediation Services

Litigation is often an expensive, lengthy and stressful process that frequently results in a settlement that does not represent the best interests of either party, or their children.

Collaborative Divorce

In a traditional divorce proceeding, you and your spouse may go to court to fight over the issues most important to you.


Divorce is always a difficult process. Often, emotions are intense and the issues are bitterly contested. If children are involved, your divorce may become even more complicated.

Divorce - Uncontested

Divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional events in your life, but our experienced attorneys can ease the burden. They can explain all your options to you.

High Net Worth Divorce

The high net worth divorce requires the skill of a more experienced lawyer focused on the area of divorce and property division.

Legal Separation

A legal separation is a document signed by both spouses and approved by the court detailing the rights and responsibilities of each spouse while living apart.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is an important component in any divorce agreement.

Prenuptial Agreements

The attorneys at Greta Hoffman & Associates have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements.

Child Protection

In Kentucky, most cases involving child abuse are called “D/N/A” actions, which stands for “Dependency, Neglect or Abuse.”

Child Custody

Child custody issues are typically the most difficult issue to manage in family law. Custody is frequently contested, and many times difficult to resolve by agreement.

Grandparents’ Rights

“Grandparents rights” involve any case between the grandparent(s) and the parent(s) involved in a dispute regarding the parents’ children.

Child Support

Child support can often be one of the hardest issue during a divorce or custody case. In many cases, couples will fight over how much child support should be paid.


The lawyers of Greta Hoffman & Associates represent both mothers and fathers in paternity cases.


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