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DUI Attorney in Florence, KY, Covington, KY and Hamilton and Hamilton County, OH

DUI Attorney Florence KY, Covington KY, Hamilton County, OH

Kentucky law prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance or a combination of substances. To successfully convict an individual under Kentucky’s DUI laws, the Commonwealth must prove that the driver in question was under the influence of alcohol or other offending substances.

If convicted of a first DUI offense, most judges will order the defendant to pay a fine and court costs, suspend their driver’s license, and complete a substance abuse evaluation. Under certain circumstances, these fines and suspension can be doubled and jail term can be imposed.

The Court must revoke the defendant’s license for no less than 30 days no more than 120 days for a first offense DUI conviction. After 30 days, the defendant can seek driving privileges for work or school, also known as a “hardship license”, unless the defendant refused an alcohol concentration or substance test (often in the form of a Breathalyzer or blood test) and has contested his or her refusal of the test. The Court will only grant the hardship license if it finds reasonable cause to believe that not having driving privileges would prevent the defendant’s ability to continue employment, to continue attending school, to obtain necessary medical care, or to attend driver’s classes or substance abuse classes or programs.

If you tested over the legal limit and are charged with a DUI, you still have options. There are many defenses available, but it is necessary to begin collecting evidence as quickly as possible. The sooner you contact our DUI Attorneys, the sooner we can begin fight to protect your rights.

The penalties for persons having prior DUI convictions within 5 years will increase depending on the number of prior convictions. It is important to notify your counsel of all prior charges and convictions, even if only one day prior to your hearing, so that your attorney can properly defend you.

Our DUI Attorneys have the knowledge, experience and determination necessary to help you achieve the outcome that’s best for you and your case. Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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