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Northern Kentucky Adoption Attorney in Florence, KY

Northern Kentucky Adoption Attorney

As your family’s Northern Kentucky Adoption Attorney, we can assist you with all of your family law needs, including the adoption of a much wanted child.

What Adoption Types Do Greta Hoffman & Associates Handle?

The lawyers of Greta Hoffman & Associates have experience with many forms of adoption. Whether you are a step-parent seeking adoption of a step-child, a couple looking to adopt a child, or birth parents seeking a good home for your baby, our attorneys can help you through the entire process. We handle the following types of adoptions:

  • Foster child adoptions
  • Step child adoptions
  • Family member adoptions
  • Independent adoptions

Can I pursue an adoption when the birth parents do not consent?

It is possible in some instances to adopt a child without the consent of the birth parents. Specific statutory requirements must be met in order for such a circumstance to take place. The adoptive parent should be careful to consider the mental and emotional impact on the child before pursuing this action; yet, the Court recognizes that in some instances, it is in the child’s best interest to terminate the rights of the natural parent(s) and allow the adoption. To better understand your options if your adoption case could be successful, call Greta Hoffman & Associates for a consultation.

Do we accept state subsidies for foster parent adoptions?

Foster parents that have completed the Foster-To-Adopt program through the Cabinet for Families and Children may be eligible for a state subsidy toward their attorney fees and costs for the adoption. Greta Hoffman & Associates accept this subsidy.

How long does the adoption process in Northern Kentucky take?

Each adoption has a unique set of facts which make it impossible to predict how long the process might take. The adoption finalization depends on several people completing their work and reporting to the Court. It is important to have an adoption attorney that is able to coordinate the efforts of all persons involved to ensure their work is completed in a timely manner. Our Northern Kentucky Adoption Attorneys will work diligently to help your family reach its goal as soon as possible.

Adoption is a highly specialized area of the law. It is crucial that you seek representation from an attorney who has the skills, knowledge, experience, and ability to handle your case. The stakes are simply too high to leave it up to a general practitioner.

If you are a birth parent looking to give your child up for adoption or are looking to adopt a child, please contact a Northern Kentucky adoption attorney at Greta Hoffman & Associates today to schedule a consultation. Serving Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant and Kenton counties.

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