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Whether you are going through divorce, facing criminal charges or need assistance with the probate process, you should choose an attorney who takes immediate action to gain control of the situation. The lawyer you retain should take a smart, sophisticated approach to complex legal issues. Most of all, they should be the last person the other side wants to see representing you.

At Hoffman Walker & Knauf, we are zealous advocates for our clients. Led by Greta Hoffman Walker, our legal team has more than 35 years of combined experience in divorce, criminal defense, probate and estate planning. We will take care of everything for your case, from gathering and examining the evidence to preserving your rights and reaching the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time frame. We are your local Northern Kentucky law firm.

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You Deserve Aggressive, Take-Charge Legal Representation

Having practiced law in Northern Kentucky since 1996, Greta Hoffman Walker is well-known by prosecutors, judges and fellow divorce lawyers for her aggressiveness as a negotiator and trial lawyer. In fact, other attorneys generally hope she is not representing the other side. She teaches seminars on family law and probate, and is known as one of the leading authorities on those areas of the law in Kentucky. She and Kyle Knauf, work proactively to secure the largest advantage available for her clients, no matter how complex their case might be. Your legal matter will be in good hands.

We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our lawyers. We will explain your legal rights and obligations, and help you weigh your options for achieving your goals. Call 859-535-0264 to reach us at our Florence office, or contact us online if you prefer.


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