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Theft Crimes

Northern Kentucky Criminal Lawyer

Theft is a broad criminal charge in Northern Kentucky that includes a range of offenses from shoplifting and larceny to bouncing checks to buying stolen property. The punishments generally depend on the value of the stolen item, and can be as little as a fine or as serious as prison time in extreme cases.

What is Theft?

The Kentucky Penal Code defines theft as taking someone else’s property without consent, either by deception or by physically stealing it. You don’t have to keep the property for it to be considered theft, but only long enough to deprive the owner of its value.

What evidence must the prosecutor show to prove theft?

To charge you with theft, the police need to show that you acted with criminal intent, meaning you knew the you were taking or using someone else’s property without authorization. They can do by that using physical evidence, such as security camera video, or by statements from a witness, an accomplice, or you.

What are the most common theft crimes?

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  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft by Deception

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