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Theft by Deception

Under Kentucky law, theft by deception occurs when a person deprives another of his or her property by using deceptive and deceitful means. A necessary element in any Theft by Deception case is the intent of depriving the owner of the property. In order to convict someone of theft by deception, the Prosecutor must prove that the person charged intentionally misled the owner of the property with the goal of obtaining that property without the owner’s consent. Deception includes everything from knowingly writing bad checks, knowingly receiving payment for a service that would not be performed.

Like most other theft crimes under Kentucky law, theft by deception is a misdemeanor when the property is valued at less than $500.00. It is a Class D felony when the property removed is over $500 and a Class C Felony when the amount is over $10,000. Sentence can range from 1 to 10 years jail sentence plus a fine and court costs.

As Northern Kentucky Criminal Attorneys, we work hard so that you may receive a fair resolution in court. It is important to discuss any criminal charge with an attorney. This is especially the case with theft by deception charges. Know your options. If you would like to speak to one of our criminal defense attorneys regarding a theft by deception charge, call Greta Hoffman & Associates today.

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