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Help with Defense of Sex Crimes Charges in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio

Being arrested for a sex crime can be a humiliating experience, but hiding from the embarrassment won’t make the offense go away. With lifetime registration as a sex offender facing you if convicted, it is critical that you get with an attorney and see what options you may have to get the charges reduced or dismissed, negotiate a plea that leads to an acceptable result, or fight the charges in court. In Florence and throughout northern Kentucky, Greta Hoffman & Associates can provide you with sound, practical advice and strong, effective legal representation to help you attain the best results possible.

Kentucky Sex Offense Laws

The majority of laws outlining sex offenses in Kentucky can be found in Chapter 510 of Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS). These offenses cover a wide range of criminal conduct, from sexual abuse and rape to sexual misconduct and indecent exposure. Many sex offenses in Kentucky, such as indecent exposure or sexual misconduct, are prosecuted as misdemeanors, but a third misdemeanor can be charged as a felony. Since a felony sex offense can lead to sex offender registration, it is very important to treat even a misdemeanor first offense very seriously and try to avoid conviction if at all possible.

Sex Offender Registration in Kentucky

Kentucky’s version of “Megan’s Law” can be found in Kentucky statutes from KRS Chapter 17.500 to 580. Under this law, you can be subjected to sex offender registration for committing a “sex crime” or a criminal offense against a minor. A sex crime can be any felony offense listed in KRS 510, as well as crimes such as incest and being in possession of child pornography. A person on the sex offender registry can be prohibited from living in certain areas or even being present in certain places, and of course the name, address and picture of the registrant is placed on a public website. Sex offender registration is a lifetime requirement unless the conviction is ever reversed or pardoned.

Help is Available for Sex Crime Charges

Allegations of sex crimes are particularly damaging, but they are not always accurate. Identifications may be unreliable, and the allegation itself may be based on a misunderstanding. Sometimes a person who regrets a sexual encounter comes to see the episode as something other than what it was. Intentionally false allegations have even been made in order to harm an individual or gain an edge in a family law dispute. With the help of Boone County lawyers at Greta Hoffman & Associates, you will be able to fight the charges against you with all available defenses. If a plea is preferable to trial, we may be able to help have the charges reduced and secure probation, treatment or some other alternative to incarceration. If you have been arrested for a sex crime in northern Kentucky, call on Greta Hoffman & Associates in Florence for a free consultation to find out how we can help you. The number for our 24-hour hotline is (859) 444-1112.

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