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Criminal Record Expungement in Northern Kentucky and Ohio

A criminal record may make it difficult to obtain or find a job, housing, educational opportunities, loans, and many professional licenses. This is especially the case if you have been charged with a felony. Regardless of your recent criminal history, a conviction in the distant past may still prevent you from achieving your professional and personal goals.

Under Kentucky law, a citizen arrested, charged and/or convicted of a criminal offense may, under certain circumstances, be permitted to clear their record through the process of expungement in KY. If you meet the legal requirements for expungement, you will be able to limit the negative impact associated with that criminal conviction.

Call the attorneys of Greta Hoffman & Associates to schedule a consult with the lawyers of Greta Hoffman & Associates. We serve clients in Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, and Kenton counties in Kentucky; and, Hamilton and Clermont counties in Ohio.

Types of records that we can help Expunge

  • DUI Expungement (in Kentucky only)
  • Misdemeanor Expungement
  • Traffic Violation Expungement
  • Expungement of Other Crimes
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