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April is child abuse prevention month, and you are an important part of the prevention plan.  Did you know that you have a legal duty to report child dependency, neglect, or abuse?  Kentucky law requires any person that knows or has reason to believe that a child has...

Is Your Ex Not Following the Court Order?

A Court order is only enforceable if it is recorded into the Court record. Typically, the order is written, either as an agreement, order, or in the Judge’s notes from a hearing. It may also be recorded on a video.  All these forms of an order can be enforceable. ...

Shacking Up

Americans are marrying later in life and less often, and the number of divorces is on the decline according to Statista.Com.  This trend is very noticeable in my practice.  I regularly meet men and women with problems resulting from living with their romantic partner...

Custody Rights

How do legal custody rights come about?  How does it differ from physical custody?  What is joint or sole custody?  What is shared parenting?  These are some of the most common questions that people ask a family lawyer. Custody is a legal right or responsibility that...

Let’s talk about coparenting

Coparenting is hard, especially after divorce.  It amazes me when I see parents actively choosing to behave in ways that negatively impact their children.  Here are what I believe to be the most common coparenting mistakes that negatively affect children: Undermining...

Talking to Your Children About Your Ex

Nearly every week I am contacted by a parent complaining that their Ex is saying bad things about them to their children.  From the outset, let me say very clearly THIS IS WRONG.  DON’T DO IT.  Now let’s talk more about that issue. Thinking back over my family law...


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