Estate Planning/Probate

How can I help my parents make a will?

As your parent gets older, you want to be sure that you were doing what is best for them by helping them protect their best interests. You can help your parent by talking to them about creating an estate plan. Creating a will is not always an easy subject to discuss, which may be why more […]

Why Shouldn’t I Draft My Own Will?

In this age of “do-it-yourself”, I have seen an increase in the number of DIY Wills that I have filed with the Court for probate. Given the state of our economy, I understand why people are trying to save money by writing their Will on their own. The problem is that preparing a Will is […]

When should you update your will?

Most Americans put off writing a will. You might have too, until finally you created one 20 years ago, when your children were young. You wanted to ensure your assets would go to them if something unforeseen happened. But now they are grown up and living on their own. You are nearing retirement and wonder […]

What is the Purpose of a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney, sometimes called a POA, is a document that allows another person to take action on your behalf.  POAs are typically used for estate planning purposes but can also be used for other circumstances. There are generally two types of POAs used for estate planning, a medical POA and a financial POA.  […]

How can I avoid Probate, and do I really need to?

People often think of Probate as a horrible process that needs to be avoided at all costs.  That’s not always the case.  Sometimes people may want the protection of the Probate Court to ensure their estate is handled properly.  We know who is going to cause problems after we die.  Sometimes the Probate Court can […]

What is the Purpose of Probate?

By the time this article is published, our state will likely be coming out of isolation and reopening businesses.  Unfortunately, many people who have suffered the loss of a loved one will begin the process of managing the estate.  Part of this process involves filing a case for Probate.  In its basic form, Probate is […]

Study Finds that Majority of Families Avoid Discussing End-of-Life Financial Subjects

No one relishes discussing what will happen when they or their parents become too feeble to manage money. If you’re entering old age, or are an adult child of elderly parents, time is of the essence to discuss these matters. The longer you put off having these discussions with your family, the greater the risk […]

Don’t Make These Errors When Planning Your Estate

Sooner or later, every estate is distributed. It can either be by you and your attorneys according to your wishes, or by the government. The biggest estate planning mistake you can make is to fail to create a will, but there are other critical missteps you can make when allocating your assets for your heirs. If […]

Be on the Lookout for Elder Financial Abuse

With the entry of the baby boom generation into retirement age and an increasingly large population of seniors in the US, elder abuse has become more and more common. As you age, you may find yourself less able to keep up with your financial assets and accounts. Perhaps you have enlisted help from a younger […]

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