Handling Your First Holiday Season After a Divorce

Jan 10, 2020

Getting through a divorce can be a long and stressful process. You might have been so occupied with the legal process and logistics of obtaining a divorce and separating your life from your spouse’s that you didn’t take time to process the emotional toll of a split. Often, the reality of a divorce doesn’t set in until times like the holidays, when the traditions of the season can bring back fonder memories of your spouse. If you share children with your former spouse, this time of year can be even harder. Read on for some suggestions on how to make your first holiday season after a split a more pleasant time.

Ask for support from friends and family: Spending your first holiday season as a single person can be lonely. While it may feel uncomfortable at first to rely on your friends and family for extra support, it’s important not to isolate yourself. See if you can join in on the holiday celebrations being hosted by a friend or extended family. Staying busy may feel difficult, but it will help you to form new positive memories and avoid dwelling on old, painful ones.

Try a change of scenery: Alternatively, give yourself a break from being surrounded by places and people who bring back difficult memories and head out of town for a few days. A change of scenery can help you focus on new beginnings, rather than what was lost, and you’ll be able to focus on yourself and your own healing, rather than being a cheerful guest or host at a time when you’re emotionally depleted.

Create a detailed plan for where your children will be, and when: Your divorce is also hard on your kids. Instead of causing possible last-minute conflict over logistics between yourself and your ex, be sure that you and your co-parent are on the exact same page about where your children will be on which days, and make sure your kids also know the plan. This will not only help you and your ex not to fight, but it will prevent your children from feeling anxious about not knowing the schedule or anticipating a disagreement between you and your ex.

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