Criminal Defense

Felony Expungement in Northern Kentucky or Ohio

Feb 19, 2015

In Kentucky, unless you have friends at the governor’s office, you will most likely be unable to expunge, or remove, a felony conviction from your record. There are basically two limited ways to obtain a felony expungement in KY. First, a motion can be filed with the trial court requesting felony expungement. For example, if you have been convicted of Possession of a Controlled Substance First Degree, First Offense, and if you complete your probation thereafter and if you have committed no other new offenses, then you can move the trial court to expunge your conviction. The goal in most cases is to show that whatever substance abuse issue caused the conviction has been dealt with, there is a low chance of becoming a repeat offender, and the Defendant should be allowed to pursue life free of his or her felony conviction. While the process of felony expungement may appear to be relatively simple, it often helps to have an criminal defense attorney present your case.

The other option in Kentucky is to seek a pardon from the governor. This is difficult to obtain, and you would need to prove some sort of manifest injustice to obtain it. As you can imagine, this rarely occurs.

In Ohio, felony expungement is somewhat easier. If you have been convicted of a minor felony not specifically excluded from expungement or sealing, and if you have not committed any other crimes then, you should be able to move the trial court to expunge or seal the conviction three years after the completion of your sentence.

If you are in need of a felony expungement, our Criminal Defense Attorneys are here to help. We will need the following information: 1) the County where the offense occurred, 2) whether any crimes have been committed since the offense to be expunged, 3) any proof to show the Court how the person has taken steps to prevent themselves from committing a future felony, and 4) proof that the person’s current environment is helping them live a felony free life. Call our office for a consultation regarding what proof you have, and what you will need to provide in order to obtain your felony expungement. Our NKY criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you in Boone, Campbell, Grand and Kenton Counties in NKY or in Hamilton and Clermont counties in OH.