Month: February 2015

What Is A QDRO And Why Do I Need One?

A QDRO (pronounced QUAD-ro) is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, and whether you need one or not depends upon the type of property to be divided in your divorce. As you may know, the court in a Kentucky divorce has the authority to divide the marital property...

Change the Locks

Can I change the locks on my door and tell my spouse to get out? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question ….. Let’s just say that separation is not always easy. Often couples want to get away from one another quickly, and will seek to secure the...

Who Gets the Engagement Ring?

We are often asked who gets the engagement ring after a couple suffers a break-up.  The answer depends upon many factors: Was the ring offered in contemplation of marriage? Was there an acceptance to the offer? Was the marriage contract completed? If the marriage...


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