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Northern Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re drowning in debt – you have options for relief! We can explain your options and help you choose a solution.

Debt Relief Options

Chapter 7 bankruptcies are the most common bankruptcies, and they allow qualifying individuals to “liquidate” their non-exempt assets, keep exempt assets, and discharge many of their debts.

Chapter 13 bankruptcies allow qualifying individuals to create a payment plan, pay creditors for a fixed period of time, and to discharge many of their debts after the plan has been completed.

Other options: Sometimes it’s not necessary or advisable to file for bankruptcy. There are many other options for solving debt problems, including debt consolidation, refinancing real estate, settlement with creditors, executing deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and fixing personal budgeting.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

We’ll apply a “Means Test” to determine whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you do, and if that’s your best option, we’ll file your bankruptcy Petition with the necessary supporting documents. Filing the Petition will create an “automatic stay”, preventing most collection actions against you. We’ll represent you at the “meeting of the creditors”, and we’ll handle all communications with the bankruptcy trustee. When the case is over, many of your debts will be discharged.

Why Choose Us

We, the attorneys and staff at Greta Hoffman & Associates, will always treat you with respect and honesty. We’ll listen to you and thoroughly analyze your debts and assets. Together, we’ll choose the solution that’s best for you, and if that means filing for bankruptcy, we’ll diligently guide you through every step of that process.

“We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for Bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code”

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